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      All living things are made up of cells. Cells are the smallest units of life in all living organisms. 
      An organism which made up of only one cell known as unicellular organism. Unicellular organism usually found in water such as ponds, lake, rivers, sea or on moist areas. Organisms such as amoebaplasmodiumparamecium are unicellular organisms. Some organisms which are microscopic in size are known as unicellular microorganisms.
          On the other hand, an organism which consists of many cells known as multicellular organism. Most multicellular organisms usually found in water such as spirogyra and hydra. Most large plants and animals are classified as multicellular as they made up of many cells. There are different types of cells found in multicellular organisms. Each type works a different function.

Figure 1.1: Concept Map for Cell As a Unit of Life