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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Microscope

           A microscope is an used to examine specimens which are too small to be seen with the naked eye.  They are many types of microscope.  The most common and the first to be invented is the optical microscope.  Optical microscope uses light to image the sample.  It is very delicate and expensive instruments.  It must be used with great care.  

Parts of a Microscope and Their Function
  1. Eyepiece : to observe specimen and enlarge the image formed by the objective lens
  2. Body tube : to hold the lenses which magnify the specimen
  3. Nose piece : the part that holds the objective
  4. Objectives :  three or four of these lenses that have different magnifications/ to focus and enlarge the specimen
  5. Stage : to support the microscope slide
  6. Stage clip : hold the slides in place
  7. Diaphragm : to control the amount of light entering the objective lens
  8. Adjustment knobs : to raise or lower the lens tube for focusing.  The big knob is for coarse adjustment and the small knob is for fine adjustment
  9. Light source/ Mirror : to reflect light into the objective lens
  10. Base : bottom of the microscope which is used for support
  11. Arm : for holding and taking the microscope


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